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Chalk spray
Spray chalk for marking touchers.  Can be used indoors and out. ..
Drakes Pride (Get a grip) cloth
•Use as often asd you like. •Safe for hands and gloves. •No more over gripping. •Will not stain. ..
Drakes Pride Crack A Jack
Bowls grip & polish in one. ..
Drakes Pride Rubber Bowls Wedges
Rubber Bowls Wedges (Set of 4) Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bow..
Drakes Pride Short Mat Jack - Yellow
This heavy weight jack is recommended for short mat bowling only due to its weight. Yellow ..
Drakes Pride walking stick green protector
To adapt your existing walking stick to enable you to use it during playing bowls   Availab..
Henselite Clubhawk measure
Clubhawk ABS Measure 9ft string measure with belt clip & calipers. Available in:- Gree..
Henselite Grippo Polish
Assists with grip and easy to apply from convenient screw cap (with piercer) tube. The biggest se..
Henselite Wilgrip tube
Gives a great grip. Waterproof qualities and extra 'tackiness’. ..